Why choose Key by the Sea?

Keys RV/Mobile Home Condominium Association, Inc. is now "Key by the Sea". We are a member owned residential association.

In September 2004, the member-owners purchased the park.

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Helpful FEMA ICC Information

Increased Cost of Compliance Brochure

Cover photo for the document: Increased Cost of Compliance Brochure

Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) coverage is one of several resources for flood insurance policyholders that need additional help rebuilding after a flood. It will provide up to $30,000 to help cover the cost of mitigation measures that will reduce flood risk. ICC benefits can also help pay for improvements required for repetitive loss properties.

Additional information on increased cost of compliance can be found below:
- Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Fact Sheet
- FEMA P-1080, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Increased Cost of Compliance
- Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage: How You Can Benefit
- Increased Cost of Compliance Proof of Loss
- Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Coverage: Guidance for State and Local Officials
- Increased Cost of Compliance - Policyholder's Processing Checklist

Letter to the Membership

David H. Rogel, Esq. Shareholder

Board Certified Specialist, Condominium and Planned Development Law

Phone: (305) 260-1015 Fax: (305) 442-2232



121 Alhambra Plaza 10th Floor

Coral Gables, Florida 33134

July 11, 2018


Membership of Keys RV/Mobile Home Condominium Association, Inc.

Re:       Keys RV/Mobile Home Condominium Association, Inc. – Fence Replacement Dear Members:

As you should know, this firm serves as counsel to your condominium association, Keys RV/Mobile Home Condominium Association, Inc. a/k/a Key by the Sea. The purpose of this letter is to advise the ownership of the Association’s replacement of all boundary fences of the property between the property operated by the Association and the neighboring properties.



Hurricane Preparedness

Resident Routine Preparation
•    Obtain a Local Hurricane Guide: Most municipalities in Florida produce hurricane preparedness guides that include evacuation plans, shelter locations, important contact numbers, survival kit recommendations, and more.
•    Update Your Contact Information: Unit owners and residents should make sure that the association has their accurate phone number, address and email address.
•    Have a plan to remove your boat from canal.
•    Hurricane Shutters, Windows, Doors & Garage Doors: Unit owners should consider installing hurricane shutters. Unit owner should consider installing Miami-Dade County approved versions of these fixtures.
•    Disabled Resident Assistance: Any residents that would need assistance in the event of an evacuation should inform reach out to their city and/ or county to sign up for emergency aid.
•    Consider Homeowner’s Insurance: All unit owners should consider homeowners insurance (generally called a HO-6 policy) for their condominium.
•    Photograph Your Home and Valuables: It is worthwhile for every unit owner or resident to photograph their condominium to capture on film all of the personal property within a unit. After a storm, this can be a helpful way to identify items that are missing. For unit owners with homeowners insurance, photographing the property (and valuable items in particular such as TVs) may make processing claims with their insurance companies much easier. It is prudent to contact your insurance company and ask them what they would ideally like to see in the event of a major claim post hurricane. They can typically provide guidance on how to properly prepare.
•    Create a Survival Kit: Keep a survival kit in your home that you can grab in the event of an evacuation. A survival kit should include, at a minimum, fresh water supply, batteries, canned goods, proper identification, important documentation (e.g., birth certificates, social security cards, insurance policies), proof of ownership of your condominium (possibly necessary to get back onto the condominium property after a severe storm where major damage was sustained), cash, and medications.
•    Learn about FEMA: Unit owners should familiarize themselves with FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program, which provides assistance to people whose property has been damaged or destroyed. Identify who to call and how to apply for aid in the event your home is unlivable after a storm.

After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warning
 Resident “To Do” List
•    Clear Patios & Balconies: Residents should bring any personal property on patios or outside of their units.
•    Stay Tuned: Keep the radio or TV tuned to emergency frequencies, the local news, or the weather channel for regular updates.
•    Consider Boarding Windows: Consider boarding your windows. If you are unable to board your windows from the outside, boarding them from the inside will still help to protect the interior of your home.
•    Establish An Evacuation Plan: Residents should know their community’s evacuation zone, where they will go once an evacuation is required and the location of the nearest shelters (including if the shelter accepts pets – see www.floridapets.net).
•    Charge Your Electronics: All residents should charge cell phone, camera and laptop batteries and consider purchasing backup batteries.
•    Prepare Your Vehicle: Residents should fill up their cars with gas and check tire pressure. The sooner this is done the better, as lines at gas stations tend to get longer as the storm approaches.
•    Fill Your Bathtub: Consider storing drinking water in large containers or in the bathtub, as tap water may not be safe to drink for some time after the storm.
•    Set Freezer & Fridge to Coldest Settings: Residents should set their freezer and refrigerator to the coolest setting to protect food for as long as possible in the event that electricity is lost. It is prudent to have several days’ worth of food on hand that does not require refrigeration.
•    Protect Personal Property: Residents should consider moving valuable items away from windows and doors. A supply of towels should be kept on hand to address any water entry during the storm.
 After an Evacuation Order
Resident “To Do” List
•    Traffic Check: Residents should check local evacuation routes to determine which is the best option and leave as quickly as possible (traffic becomes heavier the close the storm becomes).
•    Remove your boat from canal: consult your plan and bring your boat to a marina or elsewhere for safe storage. You cannot keep your boat in the Keys RV Mobile Home Condominium Association Inc. Canal during a mandatory evacuation.
•    Refrigerator and Freezer Clean Out: To avoid rotting food if power is lost, refrigerators and freezers should be cleaned out prior to evacuation.
•    Unplug Electronics & Appliances: Turn off and unplug any computers, printers, routers, coffee makers, and other appliances or electronics. If possible, remove electronics from the floor and place them in the highest available location.
•    Water Shut Off: Residents should shut off the unit’s main water source.
•    Electricity Shut Off:  Residents should turn off the electricity prior to leaving using the breaker panels in their units.
After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane
Resident “To Do” List
•    Returning to the Property: Prior to returning to the property, residents should obtain the “go ahead” from local authorities and the association. Once it is safe to return to the property, the association should inform residents via email or the community’s website.
•    Proceed with Caution: Returning to a damaged property can be dangerous. Local government generally provides guidance on things to consider when returning after a storm in their hurricane guides. The Red Cross also puts out a comprehensive guide on this subject.

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Scroll down this page and sign up for Key RV mailing list, this will ensure that our office has your current and correct email address. This is for verifiable owners and tenants only.

This list will provide you with Important Updates. This will be the mechanism to distribute Monthly Bathhouse Access Codes.

Keys RV/Mobile Home Condominium Association, Inc.

This location has been serving transient and long term mobile home residences since the early 1950's. In September 2004, the member-owners purchased the park. They established and incorporated it for the purpose of providing site ownership for the residences. Key RV/Mobile Home Condominium Association is one of the last bastions of affordable housing in the Florida Keys. To this day it continues providing such.

The association common property includes Atlantic Ocean access via private canal dockage or private canal boat ramp.

Bathhouse There are three bathhouses and full service Laundry facilities located within the park.

The Clubhouse/Recreation Hall is located near the entrance and is used for various functions including: fish fries, community meetings, pot-luck dinners, New Years Eve parties, bingo, dances, board meetings and other get-togethers.
The property also includes an ocean-point waterfront pavilion, with picnic tables, park benches and barbecue. This is a great place for a picnic or just relaxing with friends enjoying a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. The property is a pet friendly community.

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The Fabulous Florida Keys

The Fabulous Florida Keys

The Florida Keys AKA: America's Caribbean. The underwater world is renowned for awesome reefs, beautiful fish, spectacular shipwrecks and crystal clear turquoise waters.

World Class Fishing

The Florida Keys offers world class fishing

The 125-mile-long arc of islands that comprises the Florida Keys creates a fishing environment unique in the world, and yields an abundance of edible fish.

Paradise U.S.A.

Paradise in the Florida Keys U.S.A.

With activities for all ages and interests, the islands of the Florida Keys include famous destinations such as Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and, of course, Key West.

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